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Reference for a fall

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One of our scenes involves the character running, being shocked by something that roars and then falling to the ground.

To ensure the best possible quality of that scene, we shot several takes of live action footage. Mads Bjerregaard takes on the role of our main character and as always he does an outstanding job.

Below you can watch a compilation of all the different falls that Mads performed.

Animation workflow

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It has been a while since we uploaded anything to the blog and we are really sorry about that but we have been extremely busy.

We have put together a litte compilation of some of our finished animation scenes with the live action reference running next to it to give you a litte look at our production.


New surroundings

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At the moment we are exploring different possibilities for the environment. Last week we came to the conclusion that the environment we had wasn't supporting the story and didn't give enough visual elements to play around with in staging, framing and setting the mood. Something needed to happen. Therefore Esben and Frederik began working on concepts for the new environment and are now in the process of searching, exploring, finding references, drawing, painting and brainstorming. All in all this new direction of location is going to be interesting and will in the end create a more interesting film :)
For now you can look at some of the key references...

Animation Style Reference

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So now that you've seen our animation jam (if you haven't it's just below this post) it is time to get serious again :) This video is a compilation of references we have in mind for the animation style. It is a first pass on the style reference and we are still exploring and searching for our specific style. As the story and film evolves the style is being refined. Overall the style is going to be semi-realistic ranging from subtle to a more snappy/pose-to-pose. Also, the characters have different ways of acting and their contrast in character will be supported by a contrast in animation. E.g. the interviewers are very straight-to-the-point in their personality and this will be shown in the animation through very controlled movements.
That's enough rambling for now, please enjoy our first pass on the animation style reference :)

Animation Jam

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So it has been a little while since we uploaded anything to the blog. But that will change now... So let's start with our little animation jam. The last work-day of 2012 we decided to have some fun and fun for us means animating as much as you can in an hour. It was a very funny hour where everybody had a chance to go crazy with the characters and rigs. Frederik made a compilation of all the beautiful animations that came out of it. People who animated were: Camilla, Frederik, Kasper, Mads, Unnur and Mikkel O.
Camilla created a wonderfully edited piece displaying the jury's excitement of the candidate who is about to enter. Frederik went all out with his surreal piece and showed that he truly is an artist. Kasper showed the world his abilities as an animator displaying skills in both walk and wave cycles. Both Mads and Unnur brought new aspects of our characters to the table and as Kasper showed how we can use the table in an alternative way. And last but not least, I demonstrated our characters abilities to walk through walls and also the greatest piece of animation acting I've ever seen.

So without without further ado, here is Interview Animation Jam 2012...