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Animation Jam

So it has been a little while since we uploaded anything to the blog. But that will change now... So let's start with our little animation jam. The last work-day of 2012 we decided to have some fun and fun for us means animating as much as you can in an hour. It was a very funny hour where everybody had a chance to go crazy with the characters and rigs. Frederik made a compilation of all the beautiful animations that came out of it. People who animated were: Camilla, Frederik, Kasper, Mads, Unnur and Mikkel O.
Camilla created a wonderfully edited piece displaying the jury's excitement of the candidate who is about to enter. Frederik went all out with his surreal piece and showed that he truly is an artist. Kasper showed the world his abilities as an animator displaying skills in both walk and wave cycles. Both Mads and Unnur brought new aspects of our characters to the table and as Kasper showed how we can use the table in an alternative way. And last but not least, I demonstrated our characters abilities to walk through walls and also the greatest piece of animation acting I've ever seen.

So without without further ado, here is Interview Animation Jam 2012...

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